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How should the Pre be stress tested?

Rédigé par Jason Robitaille le Vendredi 24 Avril 2009

Not too long ago, a twitter user named thynctank messaged Palm about the Pre:

@palm_inc have they tried flushing it or dropping from six thousand feet?

That must have gotten the gears moving at Palm, because a short 25 minutes later they responded:

Comment from @thynctank prompts this ?: What real-world torture test should we subject the Pre to be sure it can survive your lifestyle?

And that sparked a frenzy of ideas in my head!  Of course there's the standard ideas like water splashing, dropping onto various surfaces, checking call quality in underground/remote setting, benchmarking data loading speeds (maybe web browser speeds too) and of course benchmarking battery life. 

If Palm decided to go this route, they could actually impress people and would at the very least answer some critical questions people have had about the Pre for a while now.

Then we turn to the less conventional stress test ideas. Things that don't necessarily prove anything but do provide pure entertainment.  Ideas like what thynctank suggested.  Maybe throw the Pre into a pool and try calling it, or maybe something as simple as throwing the Pre out the window of a moving car.

The Sonim XP1 did similar tests and came out kicking, bringing their company quite a bit of press.  While I don't see the Pre surviving those kinds of tests, they would probably still get posted on the tech news blogs and generate a lot of attention.

There are 2 possible venues I'd absolutely love to see.  First off, as you can tell from my crudely-made image above, I'm a huge fan of Blendtec's Will It Blend? online video series.  They've blended both the iPhone and iPhone 3G; the Pre should be next. And then there's Ideo Productions' slightly less-known Will It Microwave? online series.  Really, who wouldn't want to see a Pre microwaved.

It's especially interesting that Palm used the term "torture test" and it leads me to believe that Palm also wants to see its Pre jestfully destroyed in various exotic ways.  Not only would such videos go viral quickly, helping keep the Pre in the public spotlight, but it would also help distract many from the lack of a release date. Though I'm sure people would still complain about wasting hardware with the Pre likely to be in high demand with low supply.

So what do you think?  How should Palm stress test the Pre?  Comment below or tell Palm directly on Twitter.

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