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Hang Up Your Pre By Sliding it Closed: There's a Patch for That Now, Too

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Lundi 19 Octobre 2009

If you've been following Milo's "There's a Patch for That!" series, then you know there is plenty of functionality not baked-into the Palm Pre that you can add in. Forwarding text messages, adding pages to the launcher, lighting up the center LED button for alerts, lots of "why the heck doesn't it do that" has been added in, as our own Keith Newman states, "courtesy of someone not from @palm."

Add one more to the list: the ability to hang up on a call simply by closing the slider. It's much more satisfying to end an angry call by slamming that slider shut than tapping a touchscreen. You can already answer calls by sliding your Pre open, now you can end them in the way that seems most intuitive: sliding the darn thing closed.

The patch comes courtesy of samkim of KeyToss. Find more details in our forums - where you should also thank samkim; then get thee to Preware or WebOS Quick Install (here's how to apply patches).

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