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Hands-On with the LG GM730

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Vendredi 3 Avril 2009

LG's most interesting / innovative phone at CTIA09 is definitely the GD900, which sports a multi-touch slide-down keypad that's also transparent.  It's pretty slick and we're hoping it's a sign of the innovation they intend to bring to all those Windows Phones they committed themselves to back at Mobile World Congress. Something else they committed themselves to at MWC: the LG GM730 (aka the Eigen).  It's a slab-form WinMo machine with the "S-Class UI," 240x400 screen, and a 5 megapixel camera.

Holding it in your hand, it's so obviously cribbed from the original iPhone it's hard to know what else to say about it -- the curves along the side are straight up iPhone.  The backing is a little classier, though, with a nice texture to it.

So while we expect great things from LG, we're hoping a bit of the innovation they're bringing to their featurephone lineup is able to cross over to Windows Mobile and do so right quick.

You know the drill: pics after the break, with bonus CTIA Booth Etiquitte complaint.



(One thing, though, LG: that "demo" thing was a pain.  It was wired deeply into Windows Mobile and so difficult to stop, it was announced via a sticker that they refused to let us peel off, and although this S-Class UI does look pretty slick (especially the thumbnail multitasker), it would be a lot slicker if we could actually interact with it.  Oh, and your "media kid" CD should consist of more than your "Booth Tracks," mmkay?)


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