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Hands-On: Xperia X2

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Jeudi 8 Octobre 2009

Maybe I'm a little jaded after waiting so long for the Xperia X1 only to have it land, look impressive, but fail to make a big impact on the Windows Mobile world. Don't get me wrong - the Xperia X2 is very nice: the build quality is amongst the best of the couple dozen devices I've handled here at CTIA. From the slider to the feel of the keyboard to the subtle curve on the lower-rear of the phone, everything is top-notch.

Not so top-notch, the latest iteration of Sony's Panel's interface. It's awfully pretty and definitely the sort of things you can use to wow your friends and shame your enemies, but only if you're careful to stick with one panel and not switch between your different options, as the lag starting them up is a little disappointing. Perhaps it's time Sony moved beyond the standard 256RAM/512ROM 528MHz Qualcomm processor and into the big time if they're going to try to power interfaces that are this dynamic.

Still, the 480x800 screen and 8mp camera can't help but impress. I can definitely see Sony fans coveting this and I can't blame them for it, the X2 is a very futuristic-looking rig, I just wish the internals we are futuristic as its looks.



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