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HTC Touch2 Gets Reviewed

While the HTC Touch2 was announced just the other day, a Russian Web site has gotten their hands on the phone to review. Mobile-Review rates the Touch2 with decent marks indicating the phone has good build quality, great performance, good call quality and good battery life.

As far as speed goes, the review states, "The speed of the interface Touch2 raises no objections, the operations of opening files, programs, the transition between tabbed shell occur instantly." And that makes sense, given the processor is very similar to what we find in more high-end HTC devices.

The review doesn't give high marks to the Touch2's camera, noting bland colors and image blur. Also noted is that the navigational buttons are difficult to manipulate for those with large fingers. They appear to sit flush with the Touch2's surface making it difficult to press. The reviewer indicates if they were raised just a little, they would be more appealing.

The HTC Touch2 is due to hit shelves in Europe and Asia on October 6 with an expected price tag in the neighborhood of $500. While several are already running cooked versions of Windows Mobile 6.5 on their HTC devices, the Touch2 is the first new HTC phone to launch with WM 6.5. No word yet if the Touch2 will make its way to the U.S. market.

Mobile Review via Boy Genius Report

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