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Free mIQ Sync Service from Best Buy is Live


We got a first look at mIQ a few weeks ago, but the official release totally slipped through the cracks as there was no other formal announcement (thanks for the reminder Ro!).  The mIQ service from Best Buy Mobile is now live and ready for the world. I've been checking out the service for a few days, and it seems very promising. The premise is simple - install the app on your device and it syncs your contacts, messages, call logs and media with your online account. From there you can login to mIQ and view your media, edit contacts and even send SMS messages all of which sync back to your device. You can integrate the account with Twitter and Facebook as well, and even update your status. mIQ is an excellent free backup solution with the only downside being random ads placed throughout the page in your account. Having the ability to view all your data in one place as well as update contacts from the web is definitely very cool. Head over to to get started.'s feed sponsored by Free mIQ Sync Service from Best Buy is Live

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Mardi 20 Octobre 2009

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