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At Least Somebody Knows when the Pre will Launch

Yesterday our best guess as to the Pre Release date was this: As soon as possible, so it's anybody's guess.  Turns out that's probably not the case.  Miles4000 in our forums caught up on the CNET show Buzz Out Loud 951 and listened in to their conversation on the latest Pre Rumors (Jump in around 8:12 in). 

Apparently after Palm gave Howard Stern his chance to view the Palm Pre (after which the ingrate picked the Bold), they shuttled it over to CNET's offices to give them a peek.  Now, Natalie Del Comte , in addition to being a host on CNET TV, is also a frequent corespondent for CBS's Early Show.   Palm figured the Pre would be a good fit for a spot on the Early Show -- but these things take planning.  As in: CBS would need to know when Palm would want to be on the Early Show.

One Non-Disclosure Agreement later, Del Comte knows the release date.  And you don't.  And neither do we.  So nyah-nyah.  Our only hint: "Don't believe the rumors." Given that there have been rumors for darn near every date between now and the end of June, there's not a whole lot to go off there.

The good news: there is a specific release date -- although it's entirely possible that whatever date Palm suggested could change.  Del Comte also thought the Pre was "lovely."  Us too.  If nothing else, it seems likely that Palm will be getting significantly more national television exposure than the have for releases-past.

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Jeudi 16 Avril 2009
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