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AppleBerry Theme Suite for the BlackBerry Curve 8900

AppleBerry Classic for the BlackBerry Curve 8900

Back on February 12th CrackBerry member hastings started a thread in the forums for his newly created (thanks to a Plazmic 4.7 leak!) theme for the BlackBerry Storm called AppleBerry. Since then, this thread has received over 10,000 posts and nearly 500,000 views - that's got to be some sort of record for a BlackBerry theme. With AppleBerry for the Storm now at over 30,000 downloads, hastings (aka BlingBerry Themes) has released AppleBerry for the Curve 8900 in the form of the AppleBerry Theme Suite.

The AppleBerry Theme Suite is available from the CrackBerry App Store for $6.00, and includes two versions of the theme: AppleBerry Classic (pictured above) and AppleBerry Glass (after the jump). Keep in mind the theme files are in a .zip so you'll have to install using Desktop Manager (no over the air install). However, the .zip also contains a text file containing OTA download links for six other versions of the AppleBerry theme. There's a reason it's called a Suite... Bling Berry is making sure your $6 stretch far on this one. For more images and descriptions and info, be sure to click over to the product listing page and take a good look / read.

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