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App World Logo Gets Inked!!

Rédigé par Kevin Michaluk le Jeudi 9 Avril 2009

BlackBerry App World Logo Tattoo

There's no denying that the new BlackBerry logo RIM has been using with App World is pretty hot. I've even been rocking it as a wallpaper on my Curve 8900. But a wallpaper is one thing... running out to get a tattoo of it puts you into a whole other plane of CrackBerry existence.

And that's exactly what CrackBerry member ivanmor has done. This isn't Ivan's first tech tattoo (you can click the photo above for more images), but because it's BlackBerry I'll argue that it's definitely his best. Now that's hardcore.'s feed sponsored by App World Logo Gets Inked!!

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Tags : blackberry, rim

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