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AT&T Nokia E71x: Q&A roundup

Rédigé par Matthew Miller le Mardi 12 Mai 2009

I am working on several posts regarding the Nokia E71x and S60 in general designed to help the new S60 owner. As I continue to roll those out and look to provide timely assistance to my readers, I have decided to post a bunch of questions and answers in a single post since I have [...]

I am working on several posts regarding the Nokia E71x and S60 in general designed to help the new S60 owner. As I continue to roll those out and look to provide timely assistance to my readers, I have decided to post a bunch of questions and answers in a single post since I have spent quite a bit of time responding to many of these in the comments to each of my blog posts. Often I get the same questions asked over and over because my response may be hidden down in the comments and not easily found by readers.


As you look through these questions, please feel free to leave your answers to the questions I have at the end that I was unable to answer and also post any further questions you have. I will try to make a post like this from many of the questions I get asked in the comments to serve as a resource to you all.

Questions on the Nokia E71x

  1. How do I lock the keypad? Press the left soft key then the Fn key in quick succession (within 1.5 seconds of each other) in this order.
  3. Do you have any experience with QuickOffice on the E71x? QuickOffice is included on many Nokia devices today and the Eseries devices are blessed with the client that allows you to create new documents as well. These include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. The version loaded on the E71x is 4.1.x and it does not include support for Office 2007 files. You can select upgrade from your E71x and see that the full new version is something like $39.
  5. Can you post a tutorial on how to use WiFi to make VoIP calls on the E71x? I will add this to my list of articles to write about the E71x. For now though, you can install fring or Nimbuzz to make VoIP calls on the device with very little effort on your part.
  7. I have installed Opera Mini, but when I use it a window pops up stating “Allow application to use network and send or receive data?”. This happens constantly with Opera Mini and Skype, is there a way to turn this off? It should only happen once when you launch the application and then you select “Allow for this session” in the pop-up. You can also go into Settings>Application Manager>Installed apps and scroll to Opera Mini. Then press the left soft key for Options>Settings. In here make sure that Network access is set to Ask first time. I wish you could select something like Always, but that doesn’t seem to be an option here so you will get the pop-up just once when you launch the application.
  9. Where can I find the online E71x User Guide? Visit the Nokia USA site for the official guide in PDF format.
  11. Are there keys on the keyboard I can press that act as shortcuts for the on-screen 4×3 layout? Yes, you can press 1, 2, 3, and * for the top row, 4, 5, 6, and # for the second row, and 7, 8, 9, 0 for the bottom row to very quickly jump to that folder or application shortcut.
  13. I’ve installed Nokia Sports Tracker, but cannot access my training history. Clicking the middle enter button (action button on directional pad) takes me out of the app. Any tips to get this working? Sorry, this is the same behavior I am seeing on the E71x in Nokia Sports Tracker as well.
  15. How do you get Nokia Maps 2 working on the E71x? Why would I want this over AT&T Navigator or Google Maps? There are a couple of ways to get Nokia Maps on your E71x. If you go to the Nokia Maps site you can select the 6650 Fold and install as directed on the E71x. The download files for none of the other devices appears to work properly. A reader also pointed out that you can go to in your S60 browser and select the Download link. Choose the Nokia 5700 XpressMusic device and install version 1.0 of Nokia Maps. Then go back to this same site and download the version for the E71x to get the Nokia Maps 2.0 version up and running. The benefit in using Nokia Maps is that you can preinstall maps on your device or storage card before traveling and use Nokia Maps without needing to have a data connection. I have used this in Singapore and Spain on my S60 devices and it has worked quite well. You won’t get map updates, traffic, and other connected info, but it works quite well for basic navigation needs. BTW, there is a Nokia Maps 3.0 client on the Nokia Beta Labs site, but it is very buggy and only works on a few selected devices at the moment. I haven’t tried it since the Nokia Maps 2.0 client meets my current needs and works well.
  17. Have you tried out the Garmin Mobile XT navigation software? I haven’t and see there is no download for the program. I understand it comes loaded on a microSD card and will work on the E71x if you use the microSD card it is loaded upon. I find the Nokia Maps works just fine for me for free and don’t have the need to pay the $80+ for the Garmin software at this time.
  19. Is there a good podcast streaming application for the E71x? Nokia Podcasting is a great application for downloading podcasts to your device to listen to, but so far it does not appear to work on the E71x even after the installation looks to be successful. I am trying out Resco News and it does give you the ability to download podcasts to the E71x, but does require you to go into each feed and select to download a podcast. You can stream podcasts from many hosts by visiting the podcasts website and selecting the MP3 version. This usually lets you stream and/or save the file to your microSD card.
  21. Can you remap the one-touch keys on the E71x like you can on the E71? Unfortunately, this capability is not available on the E71x and you cannot do anything to change the default key assignments. This is very unfortunate since these keys do provide you with some efficient and quick access to common functions (create a new SMS, create a new email, or create a new calendar appointment.
  23. Can you use the E71x without a SIM card and connect via WiFi? Yes, I switch my SIM card all the time and am able to use the E71x just fine without a SIM card.

Questions I don’t yet have answers for

  1. Is it possible to install iSMS on the E71x? iSMS is an unsigned application and you need to sign it for your particular device for it to work. I followed the detailed directions posted on Symbian Guru , but am still waiting for my certificate to try out installation on the E71x. I will not try the hacking method on my E71x as I want to keep the device in a condition that most users will.
  3. Sometimes when I receive a call from a contact it shows their number instead of their name. At other times, their name appears. Do you know how to fix this so their name appears every time?
  5. Is there an application to search your calendar?
  7. Can you provide instructions on how to reflash your E71x? Sorry, I have not tried this with any of my Nokia devices and plan to leave this E71x in the default configuration so I can respond to queries from readers and help you all out. Only the brave and adventurous S60 owner will try this and while it may provide you with a more functional device I don’t plan to cover that here on Nokia Experts. There are a few other sites and forums that should be able to help you out.

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