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AT&T Microcell Pricing Rumors

Rédigé par George Ponder le Lundi 21 Septembre 2009

AT&T Microcell

While we patiently wait for AT&T's Microcell to hit the market nationwide, pricing rumors are slowly emerging.

Judging from the site that went live today, it looks like AT&T is going to try to bundle the Microcell with their home phone and internet service. If you have both, the Microcell service is free. If you have either AT&T home phone service OR AT&T internet, the Microcell will cost you $9.99 a month. Don't have either? Then the Microcell service jumps to $19.99 per month. [via Engadget]

Still no word on how much the equipment itself will cost or any official on these prices, though AT&T has added more information on the Microcell to its Web site.  The page has information on how to set up the Microcell to whether or not it's available in your area (zip code search).  Oddly, there is no pricing information available on the site.

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