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25+ Pixi Phones to be Won; Bonus Pixi Release Date Rumor Mongering

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Mardi 20 Octobre 2009

There are a few opportunities to win the Palm Pixi, if you didn't know. The first comes to us from Palm's Facebook page - simply leave a comment on their "Win a Palm Phone" tab to enter for a chance to win. The deadline: November 14th, a Saturday. Sprint's typical release day: Sunday. We're not saying the Pixi is going to be released on November 15th, but it's probably a safe bet it won't happen before then and it can't happen much later in order to count as "before the holidays."

Ok, actually, the official rules show that Palm's giving away one phone per month through January and the drawing for this period won't happen until the end of the month... so circle Nov 15th in pencil, not in pen, mmkay?

Just one Pixi entry not enough? Then we trust you've already signed up to be notified about the Palm Pixi's launch date and price - the former has to be fast approaching and the latter has to be as diminutive as the Pixi itself.

If you haven't, it's time to get yourself on yet more more mailing list, because as noted over at the Palm blog, 25 people will be getting the Pixi for free after signing up.

Can't argue with free. Well, you could, but we don't really recommend it.

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