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Verizon executive confirms Pre in January 2010

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Samedi 26 Septembre 2009

Palm Pre

The Pre on Verizon, yes or no? says no, analysts say yes. Palm isn’t saying anything, except for “more carriers.” So that leaves Verizon as the only interested party that hasn’t spoken up. Well, now they have, with Jim Gerace, Executive Director of Media Relations at Verizon, telling E-Commerce Times that Big Red will indeed have the Pre next year, and in January at that.

There are still hurdles to overcome in the negotiations between carrier and manufactuer. E-Commerce Times says that there is still ongoing discussion over how much subsidization Verizon will apply to the sale price, and what Palm will give in return (e.g. advertising). Also at odds, the app store concept, where Palm is gearing up for a paid App Catalog upgrade while Verizon is still moving to put together its own app store that it wants to supersede device app stores.

So let’s put this story to rest here and now. Verizon will carry the Pre next year. There are still some details to be worked out between now and January, but both Verizon and Palm are committed to getting webOS onto Big Red.

Thanks to George for the tip!

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