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The Talent Show: Palm adds Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer to its line up

Rédigé par Robert Werlinger le Vendredi 25 Septembre 2009

File under "Coup:" Today Palm announced the addition of Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer to head their developer relations team. Why is this a big deal? Consider: the Palm webOS' core is HTML, AJAX, and Javascript. WebOS will only be successful if Palm is able to take that core and help developers extend it in surprising ways (don't forget about WebGL, guys). If you were to name a team of guys who can make these technologies not only do more, but help others make these technologies do more, there's a very strong chance you'd come up with Ben and Dion, founders of and creators of the very cool Mozilla bespin project.  Sincerely, developers: be excited.

Both took some time to write about their path going forward on their respective blogs. Dion Alamer discusses the hire:

I have long been frustrated with the status quo with certain platforms, and as I thought about what makes me happy as a developer, it is freedom, choice, and information flow. I feel passionately about bringing these values to mobile, and carry my Web DNA with me. When Palm came to Ben and I, we were curious to see how much they understood what it really meant to have a “webOS”. The management team impressed us, and persuaded us that they understand how important the principles of the Web are, as well as the crucial role of developers. By giving us the honor of this responsibility, they signal their intent.

Not clear enough that Palm is positioning webOS as the 'open' standard up against Apple's non-open philosophy? Check out how Ben Galbraith discusses the mobile landscape:

However, my enthusiasm for this amazing new world is tempered by some unfortunate decisions made by some of the players in this space. It seems that some view this revolution as a chance to seize power in downright Orwellian ways by constraining what we as developers can say, dictating what kinds of apps we can create, controlling how we distribute our apps, and placing all kinds of limits on what can do to our computing devices.


Jon Rubinstein wasn't kidding when he said that (and I paraphrase) they're looking to pack Palm to the gills with some of the most talented folks in their respective fields during his interview on the Engadget show. 

Thanks to everybody who sent this in!

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