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The Rumors Say That the HTC Magic / MyPhone 3G Is Coming to T-Mobile

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Lundi 4 Mai 2009


Pssst. Hey guys. We know all the signs are already pointing to the HTC Magic releasing on T-Mobile, what with FCC pictures, inventory checks and the G1 being on T-Mobile, so for us to say that T-Mobile is going to get the Magic isn't exactly us going out on a limb (more like being captain obvious) but we're getting independent confirmation from a very well-placed source.

So for those waiting patiently for some HTC Magic to T-Mobile news, we've got it on good authority that it is going to happen.

We can't give you the full 100%, rush to your nearest T-Mobile store and plop down cold hard cash for it but it's close--real close. We know that our source is supposed to know these things so we're trusting them. Keep an eye out for now but definitely expect to officially hear about it soon.

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