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Submitting to Palm's App Catalog: How difficult is it? (Updated)

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Mercredi 30 Septembre 2009

Now that webOS 1.2 is out and the App Catalog can support paid apps (the first of which we're expecting - you guessed it - on Thursday), the next big question is how will Palm manage what looks to be a massive influx of developer requests. There are sure to be some growing pains, but Palm is hiring some great people to work with develoeprs.

Even so, a blog post from Jamie Zawinksi, aka jwz, is making the rounds this morning. In it, Zawinski describes his "Kafka-esque nightmare" of trying to get his two free apps accepted by Palm for the Catalog. Given that the last time we saw an App Catalog kerfuffle the story turned out to be a little more nuanced, let's see what the story is here.

Update: Billybennett points us to new Palm employee Ben Galbraith's response:

While a blog post isn’t the right avenue to talk about all of the issues that Jamie brought up, we’re following-up with him directly and will bring it to a conclusion. We obviously goofed in how we communicated with Jamie, and Dion and I take some of the blame here as our staff had been waiting for us to come on-board to get to some of these items.

Definitely go on and read the whole thing (holla for the Homebrew shout-out), but the overall tone is good: Palm's on it, "we'll fix what's broken."

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