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Rumor: Verizon to Skip the Pre?

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Jeudi 24 Septembre 2009

Contrary to previous rumors and to Verizon's own CEO, Scott Moritz at The Street is reporting that Verizon has turned sour on the Pre, "people close to the discussions say Verizon has decided not to support the Pre."

If true, it would be a serious blow to Palm. Moritz's sources say that Verizon has been none-too-impressed with Pre sales to date (we might remind them that Sprint isn't selling a ton of anything these days).  We also wonder if Verizon has some internal quandaries over their backwards App store policy, but who knows.

So while we previously hoped that big red could get the Pre as early as January, the situation just might be a little bit grimmer now. Neither Palm nor Verizon is commenting, of course.

Thanks to everybody who sent this in!

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