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Rogers Launching HTC Magic & HTC Dream Today

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Mardi 2 Juin 2009


The Canadian Countdown for Android just hit zero and that means the HTC Dream and HTC Magic is now available for purchase to our friendly neighbors to the north. Oddly, when we hit the Rogers website, the 'Revolution' page isn't clickable--we couldn't find any more information on pricing, length-of-contract, etc.

But we do have some leaked information on Canadian HTC Dream and Magic pricing courtesy of Best Buy: $149.99 with a new 3-year contract, $45/month voice and data plan. The full retail price of the phones is rumored to be $599.99 without a contract. A picture detailing the purported prices of the HTC Magic and HTC Dream is after the jump.

We don't know if Best Buy and Rogers will have the same pricing, but we'll update the post if they do end up differing.

thanks for the tip John and Gilbert P!


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