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Pre ranked amongst the 10 most brilliant products of 2009

Rédigé par Robert Werlinger le Mardi 6 Octobre 2009


The Pre has made its way into PopularMechanic's "10 Most Brilliant Products of 2009", being grouped with some rather innovative products like Nikon's camera and pico projector combination and an unusually efficient wind turbine.

 Here's what they had to say about the Pre:

The Palm Pre (which costs $200 with a contract from Sprint) doesn’t break ground with any one engineering advance. Instead, it sets a new standard by putting all the best available technologies together. Most cellphones—even high-end ones—excel at some tasks, while utterly ignoring others. The Palm Pre’s features read like a gadget geek’s wish list: optional inductive charging, a full keyboard, the ability to sync with iTunes—and it can run multiple applications at once. Sometimes more is more. 

Checklist: Inductive charging? Check. Hardware keyboard? Check. Intuitive multitasking? Check. iTunes Sync? Check.

There's just one thing wrong with that write-up: the Pre is currently selling for $149.99 on contract with Sprint.

Thanks to Andrew for sending this in! [via PopularMechanic]


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