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Pandora CEO has high praise for Pre

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Lundi 18 Mai 2009

Joe Kennedy, the CEO of personalized streaming internet radio company Pandora, was practically gushing with love for the Palm Pre during a recent video interview with Vator News. Okay, he wasn’t gushing, in typical CEO fashion he was full of praise but managed to stay subdued without sounding like he was overly enthusiastic for a particular platform. That said, he wasn’t full of praise for the other platforms Pandora is available on, asked to rank Android and webOS, Kennedy said:

"We think Palm Pre is an absolutely spectacular device for our kind of application... The device design is spectacular, it’s up to Palm and Sprint in terms of how well they can do for it. What we’ve learned over two years is we pay attention to the capabilities of the device, and the Palm Pre is very strong."

Thanks to Jody on Twitter for the tip!

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