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Palm Nearing 'Final Stages' of European Strategy

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Lundi 27 Avril 2009 | Lu 68 fois

The GSM Pre, above

While stateside we're anxiously awaiting the Sprint Release of the Palm Pre, there's the little issue of the European release still up in the air.  According to Rethink Wireless, Palm's getting close to nailing things down there as well:

The handset maker's VP for EMEA, Paul Ghent, told Mobile Today that the company has "entered the final stages" of deciding its strategy and partners for Europe. "We're close to a decision on our strategy for EMEA and we're going through the final validation process at present," he said. "It's important we take our time over this and get everything exactly right. The key is identifying where the big opportunities lie for us."

As we reported in January, Palm hired Ghent away from HTC to run sales for the European market.  Ghent has a history of success with HTC, having helped to drive their Touch Diamond to record sales.

Palm has long struggled in the European market, where adoption of their PalmOS offerings has been historically weak.  They've done slightly better with their Windows Mobile offerings, but the webOS and the Pre looks to be their best shot at challenging Nokia in the smartphone space.

As for carriers, all eyes are currently on Vodafone.  Palm has worked closely with Vodafone before -- launching the Treo 750v on their network long before it was available anywhere else.  We have had previous reports that Vodafone was in negotiations for exclusivity on the Pre and, of course, we at had some eyes-in time with a GSM version of the Pre running on Vodafone's 3G HSPA network in Spain

As Pre-followers have come to accept understand by now: pricing and release dates are of course a complete mystery.  For those in the US who are not interested in switch, there are further mysteries: Whether the GSM version of the Pre will be locked down to Vodafone's network, whether it will contain US 3G bands, and whether or not it will prove to be as difficult to unlock at the iPhone has been. 

Thanks to Fee Beyer for the tip!

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