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NFL Mobile Live Coming to Palm Pre August 1st

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Jeudi 9 Juillet 2009

A Sprint support page indicates that NFL Mobile Live will be coming to the Palm Pre on August 1st. We just heard that we should be able to expect webOS 1.1 within a month, but we didn't know if it would come with more apps. We can't say for sure that NFL Mobile Live will come with 1.1, but it seems like a solid guess to us. In the comments on that 1.1 post, DSulls points us to a Sprint Support site about NFL Mobile live for the Palm Pre, indicating some excellent news:

  • NFL Mobile Live will be delivered via an OTA Update
  • It will be pre-loaded on all Palm Pre phones on August 1st

Similar to Sprint's NASCAR app, NFL mobile live allows you to get live audio of every regular season game, Live video of certain NFL Network games, and live NFL Network video 24/7.  Not to mention "Red Zone Alerts" to let you know when a team is likely to score. Since Sprint requires an Everything Data plan, there won't be any additional charge for the app.

Color this Vikings-fan-in-Florida excited, following my precious Purple will soon be a lot easier. 

Thanks, DSulls!

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