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Maxim on the Pre: the future is awesome

Palm Pre in Maxim

In the June 2009 issue of Maxim Magazine, nestled amongst articles on the ridiculously attractive Moon Bloodgood, Megan Fox, and Katie Cassidy readers will find a page on technology - this month with a whole page devoted to the Palm Pre. While Maxim didn’t have any new info on the Pre to share with us, they, like just about everybody else, were psyched by the device as well, but in their own special way...

“Unless the girls you’re into get turned on by your holster-festooned belt, carrying two phones sucks. But slinging to cellies has been a necessary way to keep your personal and professional lives in check. Until the Pre, that is. Palm’s new smartphone merges a BlackBerry-ish ease of typing with the “holy ****, that’s cool” factor of the iPhone and promises to reduce the number of extraneous bulges in your pants to just one. Its OS seamlessly merges all your digital calendars and contacts, your personal and corporate exchange e-mail, even Facebook - while eliminating duplicate entries. And the Pre has the ability to run more than one application at a time, something even the almighty iPhone still can’t handle. Basically this means you can be listening to Internet radio and be playing Bejeweled while you use the slide-out QWERTY keyboard to send emails to your boss about how you’re stuck in traffic but will be in soon. Man, the future is awesome.”

Maxim also threw together a humorous chart tracking how you use your phone’s speed-dial, check it after the break.

The June 2009 issue of Maxim Magazine is on shelves now. Enjoy.

Thanks to KennyG, Brenthammer, and Brett in our forums for the tip!


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Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Dimanche 17 Mai 2009

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