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I Love BlackBerry App Updated

Rédigé par Bla1ze le Vendredi 15 Mai 2009

I Love BlackBerry App Updated!

We covered the intial launch of the I Love BlackBerry application and within that time over 10,000 BlackBerry users have downloaded and installed the incredible application and that was only within the first 24 hours of launch.

As some of you all may know from listening to the CrackBerry Podcast, I'm quite a heavy BlackBerry user to which all my CrackBerry colleagues and even Mike Kirkup, RIM's Manager of Developer Relations, has attested too after seeing my usage compared to his own. So you can only imagine how happy I was when EarlySail, the developers behind the application, advised that a new update was available. Sadly, no change log was given but the current version is sitting at 0.9.38.  if for some reason you have not grabbed this cool litte app yet, get to it and face your addiction. Say it loud and Say it proud... I Love BlackBerry!! Now, can I get an I Love CrackBerry app please?'s feed sponsored by I Love BlackBerry App Updated

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