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Google G0 Android Phone Concept is Drool Worthy

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Mardi 7 Juillet 2009


Before you get excited, the Google G0 isn't a real Android phone. It's not coming out anytime soon and heck, it'll probably never be built. But boy is it one sexy device.

Taiwanese designer Tryi Yeh came up with this Android Phone concept and aside from its beautiful design, it has some pretty interesting features. Though it's billed as a slider-type device, the slide function only reveals a camera on one end and four customizable multi-functional buttons on the face--a pretty neat idea. Also drool worthy: the end-to-end touchscreen.

Sorry for showing these pictures to you guys since you may never look at your T-Mobile G1 the same ever again but man, what we would do to get a real production unit of this G0..

More pictures of the Google G0 Phone Concept after the jump!

[via thedesignblog]


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