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Documents to Go and Adobe Reader Spotted in Pre Video

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Lundi 11 Mai 2009

Palm Pre Apps

Thanks to the eagle eyes of the forum membership, that latest Palm Pre Podcast video revealed more than just the back gesture and double tapping. We quickly glimpsed the YouTube app that we saw earlier, but before that was opened, we got to see something even more fun: icons for the Pre NASCAR app, App Catalog, YouTube, Documents to Go, Adobe Reader, and a generic "Sprint" app that we suspect might be some sort of Account management app ala T-Mobile's Android app. While we knew that App Catalog and YouTube were going to be there anyway, it’s still nice to see them actually in place.

Documents To Go and Adobe PDF iconsBut those other two: Documents To Go and Adobe Reader. While we can’t read the labels for those icons, the former should be recognizable to any Palm user from the past five years, and the latter, well, we all know that one as the PDF icon. Presumably, this means that the Pre will have the full document editing support that was hinted at by Inside Sprint Now, as well as the ability to natively view PDFs.

Thanks to miles4000 and Kyusaku for the spot!

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