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BlackBerrius Maximus: Berrys at the Ballpark


There is nothing like summer in New England, if you live up here, you know what I mean. If you are a baseball fan - there is just no place like Fenway Park - the place to be - in the summer here in Boston.

Recently, I was able to score two tickets to Fenway (no easy feat in this town) and I took my BlackBerry toting 17 year old with me. Two red sox fans, two BlackBerry 8900s and two tickets to Fenway Park - what could be better.

Since my son Dan is just about as much of a techie as his old man, he affectionately has earned the title "Maximus Junior" around here. We decided to use both Berrys to the max that day.

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Jeudi 27 Août 2009
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