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And the Trinket Software winners are ...

That's a wrap, folks. Five days later and we've given away 20 licenses for apps by Trinket Software. Here's how it broke down:

PowerSMSNo CallsFake Call
Day 1nixsPohketsilverpalToddACurry
Day 2Bird_Flubok.oSandersJC64Allyson13
Day 3isaaclLLC23simbadoggrev_aaron
Day 4MatchstickdovellaxDavewolfkraski
Day 5SpriteGFtoenpraytorainmaxamis

Congrats to all the winners, thanks to Trinket Software, and look for another big software giveaway real soon. (Hint: Details to come in the next podcast.)

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Rédigé par Phil Nickinson le Samedi 29 Août 2009

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