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Would you buy a Palm webOS-based Tablet Device? Don't Hold your Breath

Rédigé par Annie Latham le Jeudi 28 Mai 2009

That's the question that Jason Perlow asked in his Tech Broiler post ("The Ultimate Tablet: On Palm's webOS?") at  Perlow muses about the tablet form-factor and the possibilities from Palm's webOS...

"Palm’s webOS has all the DNA to be the ideal embedded OS for a mass market mid-sized touchscreen tablet device that would serve the functions of browser, PDA, media player and e-book reader. Its Mojo development platform is reputed to be very easy to create software for. And unlike Google, Palm has the most experience of developing and shipping successful handheld devices and software than any other company in existence, Apple included."

All of which is very nice, but at D7 Jon Rubinstein just quashed those rumors -- at least for awhile. When asked about tablets, he replied "We're very focused on smartphones.  [...] Our focus right now is smartphones."  In other words, the tablet Foleo II is a little ways off.  Bummer.

Thanks to Spidermonkey The Pre Tablet (NetPilot Tablet) Design Concept!

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