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WeatherPanel DOA? Weather app cut off from source

Rédigé par Malatesta le Mercredi 8 Juillet 2009

For those who use the stupendously awesome WeatherPanel, which was originally developed by MarsWare and kept alive mostly by graphic genius StoryR, you may have noticed your battery draining like crazy yesterday and your device heating up like a burrito.

Reason for it is, which was providing the weather data for the application, has revised its TOS.  It now specifies:

You may not use the service to create weather and weather-related products to be displayed on handheld or other wireless devices.

Which seems to be a direct shot at WeatherPanel users. In turn, this has caused your devices to keep hitting a dead-end on the weather URL to retrieve info, pulling down massive amount of garbage and killing your battery (via data connection).

At this point, your best bet is to disable WeatherPanel via the Today Screen and follow this thread at ppcgeeks as users brainstorm ways to fix it.  Hey, this app has been brought back to life so many times already, anything can happen ;-)

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