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WES2009: Protect your BlackBerry with SmrtGuard

Rédigé par Kevin Michaluk le Lundi 18 Mai 2009

When we dropped word of SmrtGuard in the CrackBerry blogs back in March, thousands of CrackBerry readers signed up to give it a go via their public beta. With such a huge response, it was nice to meet up with the team behind SmrtGuard at WES 2009 and learn first hand more about their solution and to witness some of the behind the scenes excitement that has been going on in their world. At WES, SmrtGuard signed an exclusive deal with carrier Indosat for distribution of the SmrtGuard solution in Indonesia (read press release). I actually attended the contract signing ceremony where I learned a ton about the massive growth of BlackBerry in Indonesia (I'll be following up with a dedicated post on that soon).

If you're not familiar with SmrtGuard, it's a comprehensive solution for BlackBerry BIS users that allows you to protect your data (ie. schedule regular backups) and also try and get back your device if it's ever lost or stolen. There are a number of advanced features - it's definitely worth checking out. My favorite has got to be "eavesdropping" mode. SmrtGuard is still in beta, but should be available for consumer purchase later this month. We'll keep you posted!'s feed sponsored by WES2009: Protect your BlackBerry with SmrtGuard

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