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Video: Typing on the Next Generation BlackBerry Storm

Rédigé par Kevin Michaluk le Dimanche 6 Septembre 2009

With all the BlackBerry Bold 9700s and Storm 9550/9520's floating around out there, I hope over the next couple of weeks RIM just announces these devices so we can know just exactly when all of us can get our hands on one.

This time around our pal salomondrin is backto show off just how fast typing on the next generation BlackBerry Storm will be. The video is short and sweet, but is guaranteed to get all the Storm 2 chasers out there excited. The typing action completely owns the original Storm. You can jump over to the CrackBerry forums for more info and ask sal any questions you may have about his new Storm.'s feed sponsored by Video: Typing on the Next Generation BlackBerry Storm

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Tags : blackberry, rim

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