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Verizon HTC Desire Clears FCC Too

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Mardi 29 Septembre 2009


This may simply be coincidence but the other Verizon-bound Android device just cleared the FCC the same time the Motorola Sholes did. In this case, it's the HTC Desire, a device we saw leaked via a Verizon inventory document earlier in the month. Like we said before, a HTC-built, Android-powered, Verizon-networked phone? Yeah, we're interested.

The HTC Desire is also going to be rocking Wi-Fi, no small occurrence for Verizon phones. We're speculating here, but could Big Red be preparing to launch both Android devices at the same time? And since we know the Motorola Sholes is a QWERTY-slider device, maybe the HTC Desire will differentiate by offering a full touchscreen experience. Ah, this is just all food for thought. When pictures of the Desire leak, you know we'll have them!

What do you guys think?


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