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Updated: Google Maps for BlackBerry v3.2 - Now with Layers!

Rédigé par Kevin Michaluk le Jeudi 22 Octobre 2009

Calling all Google Maps for BlackBerry users (I'm guessing that's just about everybody reading this). Google Maps for Mobile version 3.2 was officially released for BlackBerry Smartphones today, and with it comes support for layers. What's a layer you ask? Well, you can watch the video above to see it explained, or read this:

Layers make it easy to view various types of information on your map and are especially helpful in situations when you're traveling somewhere new. For example, you can turn on the Wikipedia layer to read entries about nearby places, then use the transit lines layer to help map out a route. Or you can use the My Maps feature of Google Maps to create a collection of places you're planning to visit on your trip and then use Google Maps for mobile to access it from the road. You can also turn on the Google Latitude layer to see your friends' locations. 

Just point your BlackBerry's browser to to download this latest version.'s feed sponsored by Updated: Google Maps for BlackBerry v3.2 - Now with Layers!

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