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The Sprint HTC Hero is the Android Device We're Most Excited For

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Vendredi 2 Octobre 2009


We tallied up your votes, read through your answers, and came up with a clear cut winner on which Android device you guys are most looking forward to. Unsurprisingly, it's the device that's been on our minds from the very beginning, runs the best custom UI in HTC Sense, and is the device closest to launch: the Sprint HTC Hero. The voting breakdown is as follows:

  • Sprint HTC Hero - 40% (739 votes)
  • Sony XPERIA X3 'Rachael' - 25% (474 votes)
  • Motorola Sholes (Verizon) - 18% (332 votes)
  • T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ - 12% (216 votes)

Taking a closer look at the results reveal that the Verizon Motorola Sholes/Tao/Droid made a late push, likely due to the leaked pictures that showed off the stellar hardware. And though it was our own personal favorite, we're surprised that the Sony XPERIA X3 'Rachael' racked up so many votes considering it's not yet firmly linked to a carrier. The T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ finished a disappointing fourth but it's a bit unfair when being compared to these flagship devices (fix that price T-Mobile!).

And to give you guys an idea of which devices were written as 'Other': the Samsung Galaxy and InstinctQ receive a lot of votes, as did the same phones originally listed but on different carriers (Hero on AT&T, etc).

Stay tuned for the next poll! We hope you guys continue to vote and thanks for participating!

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