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Sprint Leak: Remote Backup/Wipe, Memory Management, and More

ImmaSlave4U in our Palm Pre Forums and Frantz on Twitter point us to this blog post by somebody claiming to be an insider at Sprint Customer care.  While it's certainly possible that we're looking at a fake here, the detail of the information and the slide above point to it being authentic. The post contains a smorgasbord of information about the Pre, much of it already known.  Some of the information is quite interesting, however.

During setup, the Pre/webOS apparently creates a "Palm profile," which allows the Pre to update device software, download updates to the App Catalog, restore contacts, data, and applications, and remotely wipe the device.  The backup service applies only to certain data stored on the phone: contacts, calendars, account information and preferences, and downloaded apps.

The author rules out the Phone as Modem option, claims that a data plan (either Simply Everything or Business Data) will be required, mentions a 'first use' walkthrough app, and says the webOS can handle up to eight email accounts.  He/she also claims that Palm will release a "Data Transfer Assistant," which is a desktop app for exporting data from the Palm Desktop to the Pre -- not a sync, just a one time export.

As for Sprint services, the author states "The Pre phone does NOT support Sprint Music, Sprint PictureMail, or Sprint Digital Lounge."

Finally, as you can see above, the post contains a slide with information about what to do to if the Pre slows down, ranging from closing apps to erasing data on the phone.  There's also a new app called "Quick Tests" mentioned, which appears to run diagnostics.

Finally, over at the sprintgurus forum, the author claims that the Pre comes loaded up with a remix of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" and (in a move that would surprise Steve Jobs) a preview of Pixar's upcoming movie "Up."

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Lundi 27 Avril 2009

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