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Sprint CFO on Palm Pre Inventory

We just mentioned that Best Buy is still struggling with the Palm Pre backlog and no surprise, Sprint has the same issues.  So says Sprint Chief Financial Officer Bob Brust:

We still have a backlog of subscribers but it's not unmanageable and we get shipments every week," said Sprint CFO Bob Brust during a Webcast of an investor conference, adding that the shipments are increasing every week.

"We'll be short for a while but we're catching up," said Brust, who sees the phone attracting new customers as well as existing Sprint customers, potentially reducing its subscriber cancellation rate.

The 'good news' is that demand is still outstripping supply enough that Sprint claims they haven't felt any hurt from the iPhone 3GS.  Whether that will continue to be the case once the Pre is fully stocked across all channels is another matter, but the fact that Sprint said they didn't see a dip in demand is actually pretty darn impressive given that Apple has already sold over a million iPhone 3GSes.1

Plus, we're not complaining about the "shipments every week" part, we just hope that they're significant. Are you still trying to track down a Pre? Any luck?

[via PalmInfoCenter]

1. And you thought "Pre" was difficult to pluralize.

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