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Slacker Radio Now Pushed To Verizon Storm

Rédigé par Adam Zeis le Jeudi 16 Juillet 2009

Slacker Radio

If you're a Verizon Storm owner and you've been having difficulties deciding what streaming radio service is best for you, let us help you out. Starting today, Slacker Radio is being pushed out automatically to all Verizon BlackBerry Storms. This is one of the few applications out of the social networking genre (IM clients, Facebook, MySpace etc.) to be pushed to devices directly from a carrier. The icon should already be on your device, but if not it should be popping up sometime today. The cool feature of this service is that while playing songs in Slacker, an icon will appear allowing you to easily purchase the track from V CAST Music with Rhapsody with one click. While some users will no doubt be upset that you can't avoid the Slacker push, it is definitely a cool addition to the already stellar Slacker service. Check out the full press release after the jump.

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