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Samsung Omnia Pro rumored – very rumored

Rédigé par Phil Nickinson le Dimanche 26 Avril 2009

Samsung Omnia Pro

It's the Sunday rumor mill here in Windows Mobile land, and on today's plate is the Samsung Omnia Pro (cue HTC's lawyers), brought to us by [via coolsmartphone]

While highly unofficial – and the rendering you see above is of hdblog's "own creation and does not reflect the real shape" (and putting your blog on the phone's shell kinda gives that away) – the rumor surrounds an 800x480 AMOLED touchscreen, 5MP camera with stabilizer and flash, and a 624MHz processor. No word on RAM and ROM sizes.

Supposedly the Ominia Pro will become more official this summer and cost about 500 Euros. A launch with Windows Mobile 6.1 is mentioned, with an upgrade to WM6.5 to come.

That said, folks, here's a little tip from your friends at WMExperts: When you're sitting in your basement Photoshoping together a Frankenphone for the Internets, remember to slap on the Windows flag button if you're going to even mention Windows Mobile 6.5, m'kay?

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