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Rumor: Pre launching on Bell this month

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Mardi 7 Juillet 2009

Bell Customer Service Chat

If a Bell Canada online customer service representative quoted on Mobile Syrup [via Cell Phones etc] is to be believed, the Palm Pre will be launching in Canada by the end of July. We recommend a healthy dose of sodium chloride here, as you may recall we went through this with Sprint customer service reps for five months. For what it’s worth, this Bell representative isn’t nearly as irrationally confident as some of the Sprint reps we saw:

We do not have an exact date. We will receive it shortly.
It will be released within this month for sure.

No pricing, plans, or an exact date, but it’s a start. And it jives somewhat with other reports we’ve seen come across our desks before. So hang tight, Canada, it won’t be much longer before you too can get your Pre on like your southern neighbors.  At least Canadians can be confident they'll get it before Europe does.

Thanks to Hugues for the tip!

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