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Review: Word Ace

Rédigé par Mononoko le Lundi 24 Août 2009

Word Ace 

This app review brought to you by forum member MononokoCheck out our Forum Review details here!

With six new apps that recently hit the App Catalog, Word Ace joined the ranks of webOS games. It can be clearly seen that this app by Self Aware Games is definitely the best official game out there. It is a great concept, looks sleek, and has great features and tracking. It is a sure pick up for any Pre owner, gamer or not.

Ed Note: You might even find yourself facing ACG4444, the Self Aware Games-declared Word Ace Champion (and PreCentral member) as of this writing! If you want to play Mononoko, hit up code 1835. Feel free to post your own friend codes in this thread.

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