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Review: Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Mardi 25 Août 2009

Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Headphones

The MOTOROKR S305 Stereo Bluetooth Headset sports sleek looks and a low price, but audio quality is lacking.  Wrapped around my head you’ll find the Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, and you won’t see any wires connecting them to my Pre. Huzzah!  They’ve got a relatively secure fit and a minimalist design that artfully hides the fact that there’s a battery and all sorts of transmitters and receivers inside to make it work. For bluetooth headphones they’re relatively inexpensive, but that becomes evident when you realize that the S305 disappoints in the most important area: audio quality.

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