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Poptiq Mobile Video For Bold And 8900 Devices

Rédigé par Bla1ze le Lundi 11 Mai 2009

Poptiq Mobile Video For Bold And 8900 Devices!

The news from WES 2009 is far from over for us here at CrackBerry as there are still lots of things to cover and get a closer look at. One of those things is Poptiq Mobile video that launched for 8900 and Bold BlackBerry devices and is currently available through BlackBerry App World for free. Poptiq is a video service that allows direct to BlackBerry downloads of high quality video. Similar in the way it functions to PrimeTime2Go, Poptiq downloads a wide selection of videos over WiFi so that content is constantly kept up to date. With selection ranging from Comedy, Music, Science & Tech, Sports, Nature and much more Poptiq is well worth a look, but I heed a warning the app does roll in at just over 5MB which is quite large for a download.

While free for now, Poptiq is looking at introducing some "premium" options where in which a subscription based pricing model may be looked at. You can read the full press release announcement at Poptiq's parent company, MetraNome website and please feel free to leave some comments if you have checked out the application.'s feed sponsored by Poptiq Mobile Video For Bold And 8900 Devices

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