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Palm brings Twitter trend tracking to the masses

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Mardi 22 Septembre 2009

Palm Trend Tracker

Ever notice how some things spread across Twitter like wildfire and others slowly boil to the top? Apparently, so has Palm, and to research the trend they partnered up with Federated Media to build Trend Tracker. With Trend Tracker you can actually get a heads up on rising trends on Twitter, which you can then graph and compare. Trend Tracker even shows a real time feed of relevant tweets to the trends you’re comparing. Rising Twitter trends aren’t the only thing that Trend Tracker... tracks - you can also get a glimpse at the most popular links on Twitter and check out how trends have performed over history. All-in-all it’s an interesting glimpse into the mass discussions on Twitter, but the actual usefulness is less than debatable.

We should note that Palm's Trend Tracker should not be confused with Conan O'Brien's hilarious Twitter Tracker.

[via: PreThinking]

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