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Palm Pre vs. iPhone vs Centro: Photo Fight!


Navyyang in our forums points us to this thread at Chinese site, sporting the above photo (and one more) of the Palm Pre next to the iPhone and a Centro.  The Palm Pre appears to be 'well-handed' in that the center button is missing. The original source appears to be a parts listing page sporting the above shots as well as more Palm Centro parts than you can shake a stick at.   (Oddly, Ludle's about page doesn't seem to indicate much work in the mobile electronics space - but they seem to offer all sorts of other parts.)

So there's not a lot new here except to remind everybody that, yes, the Palm Pre might be a bit thicker than the iPhone, but it is much smaller vertically.  Shorter than even the Centro by a very noticeable amount.

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Jeudi 16 Avril 2009
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