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Palm OS HotSync coming to Classic

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Jeudi 16 Juillet 2009

Palm OS HotSync in ClassicIf there’s an old Palm OS app that you absolutely must have, and thusly need Classic for it to work on your Pre, then there’s probably one very distinct feature you’re tired of Classic not having: HotSync. Have no fear, for MotionApps has heard your desperate cries for a solution and is hard at work getting HotSync to work, as seen to the right.

HotSync comes with a variety of built-in benefits, including getting your calendars and contacts into Classic, data migration from your old Palm apps, easy installation of new-old Palm OS apps, and - of course - local back-up of your Palm OS files.

MotionApps doesn’t have an ETA for the HotSync capability, but it will be added to a future update of Classic at no cost to current owners. Now, this will require WiFi or Bluetooth on your computer, as the sync will be a network HotSync, but that’s better than nothing. MotionApps is confident that HotSync will work without fail whatever your applications and is currently testing third-party conduits (e.g. Documents To Go) to ensure full compatibility.

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