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O2 Germany to hold Premier Parties

Rédigé par Robert Werlinger le Vendredi 2 Octobre 2009

 If you recall, Sprint and Palm were going to hold launch parties back in June to celebrate the launch of the Pre. It looks like O2 in Germany, the exclusive carrier for the Pre, will be following suit. O2 began sending out the above email today, spelling out dates, times and places of the GSM carriers plans.  In case your German is rusty, here's the nitty gritty, from

There will be big Pre parties in six O2 stores in Germany with music, buffets, and "many more surprises". The first 50 people who will buy a pre will get a free Touchstone from O2.

The parties will be on October 12th in the following cities: Berlin, Munich, Hannover, Dortmund, Köln, and Frankfurt.

Are you a current or soon to be German O2 customer?  Do you plan on attending any of the launch parties?  Does it seem like O2 Germany is a little more excited about the Pre than their UK cousins? Let us know in the comments! 

Thanks to Steffen and Stefan for the tip!

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