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New App Catalog for 1.2 Previewed

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Dimanche 13 Septembre 2009


Kesne in our forums as well as several email tipsters (thanks everybody!) has pointed us to ShifyEyezz's photbucket gallery showing off the new features of the App Catalog coming along with 1.2. These come as the early-installers of 1.2 suddenly have an operational App Catalog for the first time (Hooray!).

New features include the nicer screenshot stack you see above, buttons to share via text and email, an improved category listing, and a single-screen that lets you manage your apps -- deleting them or updating them within the App Store instead of heading into the Updates app.

Still no clear word on when webOS 1.2 will land or when the Official App Catalog will offer paid apps - but we're hearing "Any Day Now" for the former and possibly September 24th for the latter.

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