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More Screenshots: PalmOS Apps Running on WebOS

Rédigé par Jennifer Chappell le Mercredi 29 Avril 2009

Here are a few more screenshots of PalmOS apps running on WebOS over at The screenshots come by way of Classic, which is made by MotionApps. Remember when Dieter first saw the Classic icon during a Pre 3rd party app video walkthrough, and he asked the demonstrator about the icon?

We've been wondering what types of apps we'd be seeing via Classic on the Pre. MotionApps had posted up a FAQ section on their website at the first of the month. Also, Dieter mentioned in an article a quote from MotionApps saying that "Compared to Treo 700p your PalmOS apps will run approximately twice as fast on Classic."

I am very happy to see a screenshot of an ebook running on Classic too. And 4cast certainly looks great on Classic also. Looks like some great PalmOS apps so far.

These screenshots are nice, now I just want to actually try it out for myself!

Thanks to Rob for the tip!

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