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Missing Sync for Windows Pre-Release Available

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Mardi 18 Août 2009

Well, that was fast.  Just a week after Mark/Space posted up their development tracker for the Windows Version of their Missing Sync software, they have made a Pre-Release version of the software available for download.

It doesn't work with Vista, at all, so don't try it unless you like bags of hurt.  It does sync over WiFi (not USB), and there are a host of other pre-release issues to contend with.  Knowing Mark/Space, the issues will be sorted out in short order, but if you enjoy testing stuff, take a look at the list of pending issues first and then mosey over to the download page.

Good on Mark/Space for making the Pre-Release build available because of the popular demand - if you give it a shot, please be sure to provide them with as much helpful feedback as possible (emails whose contents consist of "It doesn't work" or that recapitulate the known bugs don't count).

[via everythingpre]

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